How do you fold an e 2w scooter?

How do you unfold a zinc scooter?

How do I unfold the scooter?

  1. Open clamp.
  2. Pull the plastic lever upwards to unlock the system.
  3. When the scooter is completely open, release the plastic lever to lock the system, then turn the screw clockwise until it is tight enough to close the buckle.

Can you fold an electric scooter?

To fold the scooter, you simply flick the latch at the bottom of the handlebars. This allows them to fold towards the body of the scooter, and there’s even a catch to secure it in place on the rear brake. This means there’s no danger of it coming apart while you’re carrying it.

How do you fold a Ninebot scooter?

Of all the scooters we have tested, the ES2 has by-far the simplest folding down procedure. Flip down the plastic tab at the front of the footplate (just below the orange sticker), then with both hands holding the handlebars, use your heel to firmly strike down on the exposed plastic tab to release the catch.

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