Question: How do you adjust a preload suspension on a motorbike?

Lower the tubes in the triple clamps by 1mm for every turn of preload if you had to back the adjuster out; raise the tubes if you had to crank it in. Note that the tube height adjustment offsets the change in preload, and your bike will sit at the same ride height.

How do you adjust the preload on a motorcycle suspension?

To adjust the preload on your bike’s rear shock, you will need a C-spanner to loosen the top locking ring and spin it up the shock to gain access to the adjuster ring. If you want to increase preload so the spring has less travel and to make the bike feel stiffer, turn the adjuster ring clockwise.

How is preload adjusted?

There are basically two principal methods to adjust preload: individual adjustment and collective adjustment. With individual adjustment, each bearing arrangement is adjusted separately using nuts, shims, spacer sleeves, crush sleeves, etc.

How do I adjust my motorcycle suspension?

Step-by-step bike suspension setup

  1. Write everything down. …
  2. Set sag on front forks. …
  3. Adjusting the front preload. …
  4. Adjusting your front compression. …
  5. Adjusting your front rebound. …
  6. Set sag on rear shock. …
  7. Adjusting your rear rebound. …
  8. High/low-speed compression.
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What is motorcycle suspension preload?

Preload is simply the amount the springs are compressed while the suspension is fully extended. A typical pair of sports bike fork springs are about 8.5-9.5N/mm. … Adding more preload just means the fork won’t need to compress as far for the spring to get its 50mm, so the bike will sit a little higher at the front.

Does preload affect ride quality?

So the more the pre-load, the higher the ride height, the farther from the bumpstops, the nicer the ride. Until you get to the point where your preload is more than your cornerweights, it won’t affect ride quality.

Does preload affect ride height?

The suspension may feel stiffer when preload is increased, but that’s because adding preload compresses the spring, so it takes more pressure to move the suspension any further. Adjusting preload simply determines the motorcycle’s ride height. … Basically, when ride height is overly high there is too little sag.

Does preload affect stiffness?

The myth: Preload affects spring rates and handling characteristics. Why it’s wrong: The short answer is that preload won’t make a spring any stiffer, and it won’t make it any softer, but all you want to know is why you’ve been told the opposite.

Why preload is required?

When the bearings are assembled, it is necessary to have a controlled amount of internal clearance, or looseness between the rings and balls. … The application of an axial load across a pair of bearings– for the purpose of removing free internal clearances– is called preload,” he says.

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How much preload is too much?

A good indication that you’re relying on preload too much is if the bike has no sag at all under its own weight (with you NOT on the bike). Ideally, the bike will sag a small amount without you on it (5% or so) and then reach the desired 25-30% sag with you on the bike in normal riding position.

How do you set preload on a motorcycle?

To adjust the preload, wind the spring collar down to reduce the amount of sag and up to increase sag.

What is preload and damping?

Preload adjusts the ride height. Your Spring rate is constant, you manipulate the preload to put the suspension in the desired operating range with your bodyweight on the bike. … Damping adjustment controls how much energy is dissipated when the suspension absorbs bumps.

When should I replace my motorcycle suspension?

If your current components have more than 15,000 hard miles on them, you can bet it’s time for a rebuild. Check your steering head bearings for notchiness or tightness and replace them if needed. And most importantly, squared-off or worn out tires will mask almost any suspension change you make.

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