You asked: Is the Honda Rebel a girl bike?

It may surprise you that I’m talking about the Rebel as if it’s a real motorcycle, not just a beginner bike, not just a “girl’s bike,” not just an entry-level cruiser.

What type of bike is Honda Rebel?

The Honda CMX250, or Rebel 250 or Honda Peronist, is a 234 cc (14.3 cu in) cruiser-style motorcycle made by Honda on and off since 1985. It uses the same 234 cc (14.3 cu in) straight-twin engine as the Honda Nighthawk 250 standard. The Rebel is part of the CM series of cruisers.

What is a Honda Rebel?

The Honda Rebel 500 is a bike that breaks out from the world of traditional motorcycle style and escapes from the boring boulevard drone. It all starts with a narrow 471cc twin-cylinder engine with plenty of user-friendly power.

Is Honda Rebel a good starter bike?

The Honda Rebel 500 might be the best starter bike for any beginner rider as it is easy to ride and looks uniquely good. There are only a few other motorcycles that can offer you everything essential you need like the Rebel 500 can, especially if you are into cruiser style bikes.

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Is the Honda Rebel a good motorcycle?

The Honda Rebel 500 is narrow and easy to ride. That makes it a very good city bike. It’s easy to turn it in tight spaces and you can do some scooter-style lane-splitting (if you’re allowed). The engine feels very good.

Is the Honda Rebel 500 a cruiser?

After a successful first run from its debut in 2017, the 2020 Honda Rebel 500 enjoys some updates this year. The parallel-twin powered cruiser remains a popular ride with new and improving riders, and the changes for 2020 make the Rebel 500 even better.

Where is the Honda Rebel 500 made?

The Honda CMX500 Rebel is a motorcycle produced by the Japanese company Honda. The model was presented in November 2016 in Long Beach, California, and is being sold since spring 2017.

Honda CMX500 Rebel.

Manufacturer Honda
Torque 45 N⋅m (33 lb⋅ft) at 6,000 rpm
Transmission 6-speed manual
Wheelbase 1,488 mm (58.6 in)

Can Honda Rebel go long distances?

The rebel is a great bike, but too weak to do any sort of long distance riding. You’ll be blown around on any road with traffic going over 50 miles per hour, which will actually end up being unsafe.

How long do Honda rebels last?

Almost 4,000 miles total. Rode it wide open on the freeway, it averages 75-80 mph. Ridden this way, a Rebel engine will last over 80,000 miles before significant wear starts to occur.

Can a Rebel 250 go on the highway?

The Rebel is perfectly fine for highway use.

Is a 500cc bike enough?

In the US, 500cc just isn’t enough for comfortable interstate travel on a motorcycle. Yes, you can do it, but the smaller engine makes it very tiring for mile eaters. … In the US, 500cc just isn’t enough for comfortable interstate travel on a motorcycle.

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Is the Honda Rebel 500 good for tall riders?

I am a tall rider at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds, and despite being a little bit cannonballed up on the bike, I was surprisingly comfortable.

2020 Honda Rebel 500 Specifications.

MSRP $6,199 (starting), $6,909.70 (as tested)
Rake/Trail 28°/4.3 in. (110mm)
Wheelbase 58.7 in.
Seat Height 27.2 in.

How fast can a Rebel 500 go?

2020 Honda Rebel 300 / 500 Specifications

Model: Rebel 500 Rebel 300
Engine & Drivetrain:
Curb Weight: 408 lbs.(ABS: 414 lbs.) 364 lbs. (ABS: 370 lbs.)
Top Speed: 95 mph (est) 85 mph (est)

How fast is a Honda Fury?

Concept Cars | Strange Vehicles | Sports Cars | Motorcycles | Boats | Aircraft | Submarines

Year of specifications 2010
Engine 1,312 cc V-twin
Transmission 5-shaft
Top speed 150 mph
0-60 MPH

Does Honda Rebel 500 have abs?

Both the 300 and 500 are also available in ABS options at a $300 addition to the base MSRP—a solid choice for new and experienced riders. The Rebel 500 carries its weight down low which makes not only picking it up off the stand easy but taking the twisties with confidence as well.

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