What type of bike is a Trek Marlin 6?

Marlin 6 is a cross country mountain bike built to give you an efficient off-road ride with a suspension fork that locks out, and smoother-shifting 2×8 drivetrain.

Is the trek Marlin 6 a trail bike?

Trek Marlin 6 is a beginner cross country bike with a 2x drivetrain, front lockout suspension, and men and women-specific models. Take it out on trails or fit it with a rear rack and turn it into a burly commuter. Trek Marlin 6 is a multi-purpose cross country mountain bike with big wheels and big aspirations.

Is the trek Marlin 6 a good bike?

Trek Marlin 6 is designed to be a multi-purpose real mountain bike: it’s built with mountain biking trails in mind, but it’s also great for commuters, with extra features like rack and fender mounts. … It’s not built to go downhill or for heavy trails, however.

What is the difference between Trek Marlin 6 and 7?

There are two major differences between the Marlin 6 and the Marlin 7 in terms of design. The Marlin 7 has an upgraded fork, as well as an upgraded rear derailleur. These differences can have a significant impact on performance as the Marlin 6 doesn’t offer much in the way of a suspension system.

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Are Trek bikes metric or standard?

The small stuff that doesnt need to conform to standards is all metric. The practical answer to your question is that all fasteners are metric threaded and require metric Allan keys or metric open end or socket wrenches. That applies to “American made” bikes (Trek, Cannondale, Litespeed, etc.) as well as all imports.

Is Trek bike worth the money?

Trek is comparably priced to all other bikes. In my area, they tend to run maybe 10% more. 10% on an average sale of $1000 isn’t much. The expertise at our particular Trek store is probably worth it all by it’s self.

Is the trek Marlin 7 worth it?

Yes, the Trek Marlin 7 is a good quality entry-level bike that delivers high-performance standards and versatile riding capabilities. Its racing-inspired design gives it an edge over its competitors, making it one of the leading options in the entry-level and mid-range bike class.

Which is better Giant or Trek?

In general, if you look at Giant and Trek MTB’s in the same price range, Giant is better. Giant has slightly better components than Trek because they are the largest manufacturer and can buy components cheaper. … Both brands offer great mountain bikes, let’s see what makes these two brands different.

What is the best Trek bike for beginners?

Marlin is one of Trek’s most popular trail lines. It’s intended for beginners with prices that stay well below $1,000 and includes both men’s and women’s models. The number of models changes, but it usually stays at around 5 or 6 models that differ in terms of components and colors.

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Which Trek Marlin is the best?

Trek Marlin 5 Quick Overview

Marlin 5 is characterized by an excellent off-road-ready aluminum frame, cushy front suspension, burly wheels and tires, hydraulic disc brakes and a lot more. It’s one of the best-valued models from the Marlin series, offering multiple improvements compared to the lower-priced Marlin 4.

Is the trek Marlin 7 good for jumps?

At least the 7 isn’t horrible but it’s NOT a bike that can handle any jumping or anything for very long. It’s a path/smoother singletrack XC type bike. Would be fine for a while but if you start doing jumps and drops youll kill the wheels and forks fairly quickly. Life on a bike doesn’t begin till the sun goes down.

What is the difference between the Trek Marlin 4 and 5?

Trek Marlin 4

The 4 is a slightly toned down version of the Marlin 5. Great for bouncing around town and so much more. A high quality aluminum frame that uses slightly less tech than the Marlin 5. A tad bit heavier with less funky shaping.

Is the trek Marlin 7 a trail bike?

Trek Marlin 7 is the flagship model from the Marlin lineup. This is a race-ready trail bike that doubles as a daily commuter or a leisure two-wheeler.

Are most bikes metric or standard?

On one bicycle, you will see both the metric and SAE system. Most threading is metric, but not all. Axles on most bikes will use a 9mm threading for the front axle, and 10mm for the rear axle. Bottom brackets are commonly 1.375 inch with thread pitch of 24 threads per inch.

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Are Schwinn bikes metric?

All though a smattering of Schwinns are Imperial, for some God-Forsaken reason. Everything post 1980 is metric. At the bike path the average amount of wheels on a bicycle is two. The average amount of wheels on a pair of inline skates is eight.

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