Quick Answer: How do you reset the bike lock with letters on Wordlock?

How do you reset a Wordlock combination lock?

Turn the shackle 90 degrees counterclockwise so the notch on the shackle lines up with the groove in the body of the padlock. Push the shackle down. Turn the shackle another 90 degrees counterclockwise so the open end is over the viewing window. Spin the dials to your new word combination.

How do you unlock a bike lock if you forgot the combination?

  1. Step 1Set Starting Point. Get all of the same digits to line up at the starting position. …
  2. Step 2Continue to Tug & Change Digits Until You See a Gap. As you can see below, once the first number reaches 3, you can notice a small gap when tugging at each end. …
  3. Step 3Use Tug Method to Find Rest of the Combination.

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How do I reset my letter lock?

Press and hold the shackle down. Set the dials to your desired combination by lining up middle of letters with red stripe. Lift shackle, return to closed position and hold shackle down while scrambling letters to lock. To re-open lock, set dials to your combination and lift shackle.

How do you unlock a 4 digit combination lock?

How to Open a Four Number Combination Lock

  1. Find your combination. …
  2. Go to the first number. …
  3. Set the second dial on the lock to the second number in the combination. …
  4. Use the third wheel to find the third number in the combination. …
  5. Locate the fourth number in the combination on the bottom wheel on the lock and center it.
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How do you set a Wordlock lock?

Choose a new word before resetting dials and write it down.

  1. Align dials to S-H-E-D between notches. …
  2. Rotate inner ribbed silver dial clockwise until it stops.
  3. The word “set” on silver dial should now be on top, aligned with S-H-E-D.
  4. Rotate outer black dials so new word is aligned with notches.
  5. Check your new word.

How do you break a bike lock without a tool?

In order to do this, take a Bic pen, or a pen with a similar diameter, remove the tip of the pen, and then press the hollow pen tube into the keyway, press it in, and turn it in the unlocking direction. With a cheaper lock, this will usually be enough to open it.

How do you fix a combination lock that won’t lock?

Please try resetting the lock again by following the instructions below:

  1. Place lock in the open position.
  2. On the back of the lock, slide the reset lever into the “up” position.
  3. Insert the shackle into the lock and squeeze firmly twice to “clear” it.
  4. Pull up on the shackle to open the lock.
  5. Enter your new combination.
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