Is it safe to use Citi Bike?

Yet Citi Bike, the bike-share program that allows tourists and locals to rent bikes for short periods of time, boasts zero deaths in the three years since it launched. Here’s why riders have remained so safe, according to researchers and transportation officials.

Do Citi Bikes get stolen?

Mary O’Donnell, tells City Limits that the NYPD’s policy is and has been that victims of Citi Bike theft can file police reports. “We do take reports from citizens who have their bikes stolen,” said O’Donnell.

How long can you use a Citi Bike?

As long as you keep each ride on a classic bike to a maximum of 30 minutes, you’ll only pay the base price of the pass.

Does Citibank own Citi Bike?

The system name, Citi Bike and sponsors are announced with Citibank as the title sponsor and MasterCard as the Preferred Payment Partner.

Do you need a helmet to ride a Citi Bike?

Citi Bike encourages all cyclists to wear a bike helmet while riding – and it’s the law for riders under 17 in New Jersey!

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Are Citi Bikes tracked?

No, Citi Bikes Are Not Equipped With Hidden Surveillance Cameras Tracking Your Every Move.

What happens if you don’t return a Citi Bike?

If you keep a bike out for longer than 45 minutes at a time, you will be charged an extra $0.05 for each additional minute and your account may be suspended. NOTE: If you do not return a bike within a 24-hour period, you will be charged a lost or stolen bike fee of $1,200 (plus tax).

How much is a Citi Bike per hour?

A Single Ride is just $3 and includes the first 30 minutes of one ride on a classic Citi Bike. When you upgrade to an ebike, it will be an extra $0.15/min. If you keep a bike out for longer than 30 minutes at a time, regardless of the type, it’s $0.15 per minute.

How do I get a free Citi Bike?

How do I redeem my free trial?

  1. Go to and click ‘Join for $5/month. ‘
  2. Enter your NYCHA account number or EBT number to verify your eligibility.
  3. Click ‘Redeem a Gift Certificate or Discount Code’ and enter your code.
  4. Complete the sign-up process and download the Citi Bike app.
  5. Start riding!

Is Citi Bike free?

A: By signing up for a free trial, you will have 30 days of access to the Citi Bike program. All trips on pedal bikes up to 45 minutes and ebikes are included at no charge. Trips longer than 45 minutes will incur an extra $0.15 per additional minute.

How much do the Citi bikes cost?

Citi Bike costs $169 for a yearly membership, $12 for a day pass, and $3 for one-time rentals. The $2 per-ride e-bike fee would come on top of that.

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How much is a Citi Bike membership?

$179/yr annual membership includes:

Unlimited 45-minute rides for a full year.

Is Citi Bike owned by LYFT?

Lyft is the operator of the Citi Bike program in New York City and Jersey City. Which means Citi Bike bicycles are now available on the Lyft app, starting at just $3 per ride. Whether you’re going that first mile or that last mile, bikes are a fun, affordable way to get around town.

How do you get a Citi Bike?

Mobile App Instructions

  1. Download the app.
  2. Click Get a Pass.
  3. Select the pass or membership you want to purchase.
  4. Once you’ve purchased your pass, go to the Citi Bike station you’d like to use and tap on the station icon in the map.
  5. Select “Unlock a bike” and a 5-digit ride code will appear on the screen.

Do you have to wear a bike helmet in NYC?

A. In New York State, all bicyclists under the age of 14 years old are required to wear safety certified bicycle helmets when they are operators or passengers on bicycles (Sec. 1238(5)). Children aged 1 to 4 must wear certified bicycle helmet and ride in specially designed child safety seats.

Do Citi bikes have lights?

Lights also flash on the front and back of the bike, making nighttime cycling safe. … Cyclists also have to obey all traffic laws.

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