How long do bike forks last?

Based simply on fatigue life a well made and properly installed composite fork should last virtually indefinitely if the bike is not crashed or otherwise abused. From Easton: There are two failure modes that could cause a fork to fail, fatigue or impact.

When should I replace my mountain bike forks?

It feels dry. The internal tube of your fork (stanchion) or shock should always be a little bit “greasy,” and if it appears dry you will need to open it up, clean it, and replace the oil and seals. The fork or shock begins to feel harsh, and loses small bump sensitivity.

How do you maintain a bike suspension fork?

Turn your bike upside down and allow 20 minutes for the oil to run down into the seals. Clean your forks with water; a hose is best, but if you use a jet wash then turn the bike upside down first so, as not to force water inside the fork seals.

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How often should RockShox Forks be serviced?

In general, RockShox recommends a front fork lower leg service and rear shock air can service for their fork every 50 hours of ride time. A traditional lower leg service includes changing the bath oil, cleaning the seal or replacing them if necessary and replacing the foam rings.

Can I put longer forks on my bike?

In general, bikes will happily accept forks that are up to 20mm larger than their designers intended. Feel free to go beyond that if you must, but be prepared for a bike that the manufacturer didn’t really intend to create. That doesn’t mean it will suck, but it’s just something to be aware of.

How much does a mountain bike fork service cost?

Basic service is just that: basic. You will need some tools and supplies which will likely cost you $80-150 depending on what you got and what you want to do. For your annual service, you should do lowers service on the fork and your air can on the rear shock.

Should I cut down my steerer tube?

Yes, just be sure to sand down any rough edges and cut straight. 3. IIRC, my cane creek headset indicated that there should be a 3 mm gap between the top spacer and the top of the steerer tube (check on that).

Do bike shocks need maintenance?

Basically, RockShox recommends that the fork lowers and shock air can be serviced every 50 riding hours, and a complete overhaul be done between 100-200 hours depending on the model of your fork or shock. … For the shock, the air can (aka “basic”) service involves replacing the air sleeve seals and float fluid.

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Can you use wd40 on bike suspension?

WD-40 doesn’t really lubricate much of anything. It’s actually a de-greaser, so it will remove any lubricant from bicycle chains, cables and other pivot joints. If you’re cleaning your chain for re-lubrication purposes with a product other than WD-40, then WD-40 will be fine to use.

When should I service my bike?

After the free service period ends, most users will move on to get service from trusted local mechanics, which is convenient and cheaper for owners. Also, at this point, one need not adhere to very stringent service intervals. However, servicing your bike every 2 months or 2,000 KM remains advisable.

How much does a Fox fork service cost?

$190 USD / $220 CAD* Thorough inspection of fork for damage and/or wear. Complete tear down and rebuild of damper, including new seals and oil. New dust wipers and foam rings.

How much is a fork service?

How often does everyone actually get their forks/shocks serviced? At £85 per fork/shock “per year” (as recommended by Manitou) this is a killer service program to keep going.

How do I service my Fox 36 fork?

Fox 36 service step-by-step

  1. Remove the fork from your bike and clamp the steerer in a bike stand. …
  2. Using 2mm Allen key, loosen grub screw and remove rebound adjuster.
  3. Using 15mm socket for damping side and 10mm socket for air-spring side, undo both foot nuts three turns.

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Can I put 140mm forks on a 120mm bike?

Going from 120 mm up to 140 mm should be perfectly fine. It will probably give you 1 degree of slack angle to your front end and raise your bb height by possibly 1/2″. Going up to 160 mm on your fork would be really pushing the limit in my humble opinion.

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Can I put a 120mm fork on a 100mm bike?

I have a 120mm fork for that bike for all-around riding and more marathon-type stuff, but for the intense shorter stuff, I’d rather keep it at 100. For all around riding, should be fine, but you may notice it’s a bit harder to keep the front wheel down on the steep uphills.

Can I put 140mm forks on a 100mm bike?

1. The frame is not designed to handle a 140mm fork. Putting a longer travel fork designed for a 100mm fork will put unnecessary loading on the headtube, possibly leading to frame failure and voiding any warranty the frame has if the bike was purchased new from a C-dale dealer.

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