How do you remove a master link from a bike chain?

Putting a large flat blade screwdriver in the opening shown and twisting would open the right end enough to slide the plate to the left and remove it. Then the rest of the link could be removed by sliding the pins out of the chain.

Some master links are also disposable, and can only be removed by bending them apart with needle-nose pliers or a specialized tool. Check the side of the chain to find information about the make and model.

To disconnect this type of link, place one jaw of your pliers on the chain pin, and the other jaw on the open end of the clip. Then squeeze your pliers until the clip pops off. Then you can remove the outer plate and slide out the rest of the link.

How do you open a chain without a tool?

Take a punch tool and place it over one of the rivets in the chain. Use a hammer to push the rivet out and separate the chain to remove it. This method can also be used to shorten a new chain if necessary.

When should I shorten my bike chain?

Ideally, you want to shorten your replacement chain after threading it through the chainrings and cassette. This makes it easier to determine how long your chain needs to be. Before threading the chain, however, check whether there are signs of extreme wear on the chainrings and cassette on your bike.

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Do all bike chains have a master link? Nope, not all chains have master links. If your bicycle has derailleurs, it means it’s unlikely that your bike’s chain will have a master link. 5.

How do you remove a bicycle chain?

Use a brush and degreaser to remove the gunk from the chainrings and derailleur pulley wheels. Brush degreaser onto the chain, backpedaling the chain through the brush at various angles. Brush degreaser onto the cassette sprockets; a larger brush will speed up the process.

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