How do I travel with my bike?

Pack your bike in a protective case, special bike bag or box (cardboard boxes can also do). Note that packing your bike in a plastic bag won’t be accepted by all airlines. If you dress your bike in a VELOSOCK full cover, think about an extra cardboard box or protective case to insert it in.

How much does it cost to bring a bike on a plane?

Depending on your carrier and destination, flying with a bike could cost as little as $30 or as much as $300 each way. So if you’re planning a trip, it pays to do your homework. A slightly more expensive ticket on one airline may be worthwhile if another charges hefty bike fees.

Can I take my bicycle on a plane?

Airlines permit you to check your bike and place it in the plane’s cargo hold during the journey, although some require you to place the bike inside a bag or other casing. If your bike doesn’t fall within the airline’s checked bag weight requirements, the airline assesses additional fees for the extra weight.

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How do I take my bike on a plane?

ship your bike separately. pack your bike and check it in on your flight.

Pack it

  1. If you’re using a bag, put the wheels in first, with the skewers removed and stored in one of the bag’s compartments.
  2. Cover the frame and fork with protective foam tubes (pipe insulation) or cardboard. …
  3. Wrap the chain in cardboard or plastic.

What airlines allow bikes for free?

Flying with a bike just got a lot less expensive for Delta Airlines customers. The company announced today that they are eliminating additional fees for bikes, as well as all oversized sports gear.

What is the cheapest way to ship a bicycle?

Cardboard is the cheapest avenue to take, and these boxes are usually available at local bike shops or through sites like and Just make sure to select only new or lightly-used boxes, as they break down and become less protective with time.

What is the best bike bag for air travel?

Best bike travel cases, bags and boxes

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro. Versatile travel case. …
  • PRO Bike Mega Travel Case. Large and simple to pack. …
  • Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA. …
  • Thule RoundTrip Traveler. …
  • B&W International Bike Box II. …
  • Biknd Helium V4. …
  • OruCase Airport Ninja. …
  • Bike Box Alan Original Premium.

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Can FedEx ship a bike?

The max weight for shipping bicycles is 95lbs. *Some bike manufacturers have custom boxes for bikes that weigh over 95lbs. Custom bike boxes weighing less than 150lbs are accecptable at FedEx Office locations.

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How do I check my bike?

How to do a Pre-Ride Safety Check

  1. Before heading out on a bike ride, there are a few things you should do to make sure that your bicycle is safe. …
  2. Check your tire pressure. …
  3. Check wheel quick-releases. …
  4. Check your brakes. …
  5. Check your wheels. …
  6. Check your crank arms and pedals. …
  7. Check stem and headset. …
  8. Check your chain.

Where can I get a box to ship a bike?

Head to Your Local The UPS Store® Location

Not only can you find all the necessary packaging supplies for bike shipping—from packaging peanuts and tape, to cushioning and bubble wrap—but The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® can pack the bike for you and make sure that it’s ready to be shipped.

Can you fly a bike on Southwest?

Bicycles (defined as nonmotorized and having a single seat) properly packed in a bicycle box or hardsided case larger than 62 inches in total dimensions will be accepted as Checked Baggage. … Keels and fins must be removed and placed in carryon or checked baggage.

Can we carry bicycle in international flight?

Yes, madam you can take a cycle as check in luggage as long as it fits baggage size requirements.

Can I take my bicycle from USA to India?

So to get your bike from USA to India , you need to pay something like twice of your original price. Import Duty will be 100% on your Bikes Price + Shipping charges .

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