Does Walmart have bike parking?

Unfortunately it does not. We have a few people that also ride bikes, but we don’t have bike racks, so management lets them park their bike in the back near the breakroom.

Is there a bike rack at Walmart?

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bicycle Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Carrier, 102DN – –

Does Walmart take bikes back?

Walmart accepts returns on bicycles up to 90-days after the purchase. Just wheel the bike to customer service, hand over the receipt, and they will give you a refund.

Is bike assembly free at Walmart?

About This Service. What is Included? Free bicycle assembly may be offered by your local Walmart if you choose to pick-up your item.

Can I park my bike anywhere?

For legal reasons, we should probably state the only place where it’s usually 100% legal to park a bike is at a public bike rack or in a garage that’s in the business of car parking and bike parking. Because the laws are different in every city and town, with most other options, there’s an element of risk.

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How much does a bike rack cost?

Types of bike racks, compared

Hitch, tray Roof
Lockable Rack and bikes (varies by model) Rack and bikes (varies by model)
Weight capacity per bike, pounds 40 to 65 35 to 50
Rack weight, pounds 20 to 68 6 to 18
Price $220 to $850 $150 to $300 per bike

What is the best bike rack for an SUV?

The 3 Best SUV Hitch Mount Racks:

  • Yakima Full Swing. …
  • Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Rack. …
  • Tyger Auto Deluxe Trunk Rack. …
  • Yakima SpareRide Bike Carrier. …
  • Allen Sports Deluxe Spare Tire Mount. Check Price. …
  • Thule 963 PRO 2 Bike Carrier. Check Price. …
  • Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount. Check Price. …
  • Yakima Frontloader Bike Mount. Check Price.

What items Cannot be returned to Walmart?

Walmart full statement: “We are temporarily not processing returns/exchanges in our stores of: Food, Paper Goods, Home Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Soap, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty and Apparel.

Can Walmart deny your return?

Store managers may deny returns at their discretion, such as denying returns worth $50 or more if you do not have your receipt. If the store manager you’re speaking with doesn’t approve your return without a receipt, you can visit another Walmart store near you and attempt to return the item there instead.

How long do you have to return a bike to Walmart?

You may return any item that is used or not at Walmart as long as the item itself is returnable and within the time frame. Bikes are 90 days if you paid with a credit or debit card or have the receipt you will have no problem within that time frame.

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Are Walmart bikes worth it?

The best thing about a walmart bike is the warantee. Yes, they are indeed that bad. They are very poorly manufactured, and often poorly assembled. Unlike other varieties of low-end stuff one might find at a place like Wal-Mart, the problem with crappy bikes is that they have the potential to really be dangerous.

Which is a better bike Trek or Schwinn?

Schwinn hybrid bikes are more affordable than Trek hybrid bikes. The v-brake system on Schwinn hybrid bikes are less effective than the disc brake system of Trek hybrid bikes, but they are less costly and much lighter. … The best selling Schwinn hybrid bike is heavier than the best selling Trek hybrid bike.

Are bikes hard to assemble?

If you are talking about a complete bike as it comes from the factory, in 1 box, it is not very difficult and can be done in about 1 hour. If you are talking about buying a frame and fork and the components separately, it is not extremely difficult, but will take some studying and a pretty good investment in tools.

It’s OK to lock your bike to City signs, meters, and bike racks. If your bike gets vandalized and you can’t use it, make sure you remove the frame and remaining parts. Otherwise it’ll be impounded by police as soon as 72 hours (but likely much later) after someone notices that it’s inoperable.

Where should I lock my bike if I don’t have a bike rack?

You should lock your bike to something that it hard to move and tall.

  • trees.
  • light poles.
  • street signs.
  • fences.
  • benches that are bolted to the ground.
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Where can I chain my bike?

The first lock should go around the back wheel, the frame and the bike rack. The second should go around the front wheel, the frame and preferably the bike rack as well. This means the frame is secured in two places and both wheels are secured to the frame and the bike rack.

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