Can you steer a smart trike?

smarTrike® is the only trike with easy to steer, patented Touch-Steering®. Pushing your trike has never been this effortless. Activate Touch Steering® by pushing the red button on the front wheel mudguard and rotating the wheel.

Can you lock the front wheel on a smart trike?

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In its initial stages, the wheel can be locked to ensure the parent is in total control.

How do you steer a trike?

Instead, they steer much like a car. But instead of turning the car wheel in the direction you want to go, you tilt the handlebars in the direction you wish to turn. Before you take the turn, you will need to slow down a lot. Then maintain your speed as you approach the turn.

How do I stop my Smart Trike from moving my pedals?

Mine is just a disk/circle between the tyre and the right hand peddle (if you were sitting on it) and it pushes in for the pedals to go round and pulls out to stop them. There isn’t one on the left hand side and it’s a different colour to the wheel trims.

How do you activate the pedals on a smart trike?

Turn to “Lock” position. Push hub in to engage pedals.

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Does Smart Trike fold up?

There’s no more fun way to get out and about than with the smarTrike 7-in-1 Fully Foldable Trike. With its revolutionary design, this trike grows with your child – all the way from 9 to 36 months. It’s designed for easy folding and compact storage.

What age can you use a smart trike?

Remember that trikes are typically designed to adjust for growing children, so you can expect your child to continue using their trike between the ages of two and five years old. This means that you’re likely to find it is worth paying a little more for the right trike, so your child can experience years of enjoyment.

What age is a trike for?

Trikes or ride-ons tend to be used by children aged one and above, but can be used from as early as six months if your child is ready. A good indication that your child is ready for a trike is if they are learning, or have already learnt, how to walk.

What age is appropriate for first tricycle?

Here are some safety suggestions that will help you reduce the risk to your child: Don’t buy a tricycle until your child is physically able to handle it. Most children are ready around age three. Buy a tricycle that is built low to the ground and has big wheels.

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